Helene's Play List                         ייִדיש כאָר                            


Below are the songs that Helene Shared with us. The

Audio is the Tracks from the CD she Had prepared

the Music is sheet music that I found that is similar      to  the performance on the  CD. The first Four Track are pieces in the Chanukah program.

NOTE: Khanekah is Borukh Ate.



1.      Khanekah                                    Music     

2.      Chanukah,Oh Chanukah                   Music     

3.      The Dreidel Song                             

4.      Mazor Tsur                                       

5.      Vu Ahin Zol Ich Geyn        Music     

6.      Shein Vi Di L'Vone            Music     

7.      My Yiddish Mama             Music     

8.      Eishes Chayil                     Music     

9.      Bei Mir Bistu Shein           Music      

10.  Ich Hob Dich Lieb                            

11.  Anniversary Song                             

12.  Tzena, Tzena, Tzena          Music